2025 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and New Productivity 

                               May 18-19Wuhan, China

General Information of AINP 2025


2025 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and New Productivity (AINP) will be held in Wuhan, China during May 18-19, 2025. AINP 2025 will focus on in-depth discussions on cutting-edge technologies, innovative models, and industrial applications of artificial intelligence and new productivity, aiming to strengthen international academic exchanges and cooperation, and promote cross-border integration and innovative development in related fields.

The integration of artificial intelligence and new productivity is one of the important strategies for high-quality development. The widespread application of artificial intelligence technology is injecting new vitality into various industries to improve production efficiency, improve product quality, reduce production costs, and promote the transformation of traditional industries towards intelligence and digitization. The continuous emergence of new productivity has also injected strong impetus into economic development.

AINP 2025 will feature a high-quality technical & experiential program dealing with a mix of traditional and contemporary hot topics in paper presentations and high-profile keynotes. Looking forward to your participation! 



Important Dates


Paper Submission Deadline 

February 28, 2025 

Registration Deadline

May 12, 2025

Conference Date

May 18-19, 2025





Excellent papers will be recommended directly to suitable SCI journals as follows: 

Journal  1: Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence(ISSN:1873-6769,IF=8.0)

Journal  2: Computation (ISSN:2079-3197,IF=2.2)

Journal  3: Computers, Materials & Continua (ISSN:1546-2226,IF=3.1)

Journal  4: Electronics (ISSN:2079-9292,IF=2.9)



Be a Member of AINP 2025

The goal of AINP 2025 is to bring together scholars, engineers, and students to share experiences and latest research findings on those topics, including submitting your work to this conference. You are warmly welcome to join us.

1. As a Author:
Giving oral/poster presentation on AINP 2025 with publishing your paper in the proceedings. Please submit your full English papers before deadline.

2. As a Keynote Speaker:
If you are interested in being a Keynote Speaker, please kindly send your CV to us for verification. 

3. As a TPC Member/Reviewer:
If you are interested in being a TPC Member/Reviewer, please kindly send your CV to us for verification. 

4. As a Listener:
Without submitting paper or giving oral report, you also can join us as a listener. Please kindly send the complete registration form with the payment proof to ainp@zkconfer.com to finish the registration.

Call For Paper

1. Intelligent Computing and New Productivity

Intelligent algorithms and model optimization

The Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Production Process Optimization

Design and Management of Intelligent Production Systems

Intelligent Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management

2. Basic Theory and Methods of Artificial Intelligence and New Productivity

Artificial Intelligence Technology and Productivity Enhancement Theory

A data-driven model and algorithm for new quality productivity

Intelligent Manufacturing and Production Process Optimization

Evaluation and measurement methods for new productivity

3. Basic Theory and Methods of Artificial Intelligence in Management Science and Engineering

The application of artificial intelligence technology in management decision-making

Data driven management science and engineering methods

The Application of Intelligent Algorithms and Optimization Methods in Management

Cross disciplinary research between artificial intelligence and management science and engineering

4. Empowering Innovation and New Productivity

Strategies for enhancing productivity under the empowerment of new technologies

Innovative application of artificial intelligence technology in the production process

Data-driven innovation management and optimization methods

Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Industrial Transformation

Quality management and improvement under the empowerment of emerging technologies

5. Media Education in the AI Era

Intelligent teaching and learning

Data-driven media literacy and skill development

Intelligent media production and management

Network data governance

6. Intelligent Media and Information Communication

The Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Media Content Generation and Recommendation

Social media sentiment analysis and public opinion monitoring

Intelligent search and information retrieval technology

Cross platform media content dissemination and user engagement

7. Intelligent Media Management and Optimization

Media operation data analysis and decision support

Intelligent advertising placement and revenue optimization

Data based user experience design and optimization

Theme of media content quality assessment and improvement strategies

8. Interdisciplinary Cooperation and Innovation

Interdisciplinary cooperation model between artificial intelligence and new productive forces

Interdisciplinary applications of information technology, engineering, economics, and other disciplines

New type of industry university research cooperation and technological innovation

The Education and Training Model of Artificial Intelligence and New Productivity



Submission Guidelines:

1. The submitted papers must not be previously published or under consideration of publication elsewhere.

2. Please submit your abstract or full paper to Submission System.

3. And please submit the full paper if both the presentation and publication are needed.

4. Should you have any questions or you need any information in English, please contact us.


1) Both Chinese and English Paper are welcomed. The author can make an oral presentation after the paper is accepted and the payment is made.

2) All review processes are blind reviews.

3) All submitted articles should report original research results, experimental or theoretical, not previously published or under consideration for publication elsewhere. Articles submitted to the conference should meet these criteria. We firmly believe that ethical conduct is the most essential virtue of any academics. Hence, any act of plagiarism or other misconduct is totally unacceptable and cannot be tolerated.

4) If the paper is a funded project, please be sure to indicate the project name and number in the submitted article.


Supported By

Hubei Zhongke Institute of Geology and Environment Technology


AINP 2025   https://ainp.zkconfer.com/  
The AINP 2025 organizing committee encourages you to invite colleagues to attend and submit original research for the conference.